Greenspace Labs Announces Partnership with World Renowned Integrative Practice Medical Physician, Dr. Junella Chin.

San Diego, CA. (February 28th, 2022), Greenspace Labs Inc., a life sciences research company specializing in cannabinoid-based formulations designed to treat a wide range of common diseases, announced a partnership with Dr. Junella Chin, appointing her as Chief Medical Advisor and board member.

Dr. Chin is a practicing physician with over 20 years of experience treating patients and is the co-author of ‘Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness.’ She is a chronic pain survivor who has dedicated her career to finding effective, integrative, and holistic approaches to patient care. Dr. Chin is registered with the New York State Medical Cannabis Program. She received her Medical Degree from Touro University and her BS in Nutrition & Food Science, Biochemistry from Cornell University. Amongst many other prestigious appointments, she is a Board Member of the Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine.

Dr. Chin said “I am very excited to work with Greenspace Labs. I’m thrilled to finally collaborate with a company that shares my vision of working with the FDA to bring safe and effective cannabinoid-based treatments to market. This would represent a new and long overdue chapter in the acceptance of using cannabinoids to treat a wide range of diseases.”

Greenspace Labs will work with Dr. Chin to identify target diseases which her large body of observational data suggests can be effectively treated with cannabinoids and develop appropriate pharmaceutical grade formulations.

About Greenspace Labs

Greenspace Labs was founded in 2017 to provide testing equipment to validate the quality of cannabinoid products. Greenspace now focuses on investigating the medicinal properties of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids and realizing their therapeutic potential as approved treatments.  Greenspace’s approach to research is rooted in its commitment to quality control and testing.